28 January 2006

Do what you can to stop Whaling

Everyone, I just held a whale party yesterday evening. The whale party events around the world were organized by Greenpeace, and attendees called into a conference call line where Greenpeace reps from the boats off of Antarctica were talking about what they have been doing to save the whales from the fast and bloody whaling ships.

Gorton's Seafood in the US, is now a fully owned company of Nissui in Japan who is using the guise of 'scientific research' to do commerical whaling and the whale meat is sold in Japan.

Please read more information in the link below, and do what you can to stop this cruel and outdated practice where 1,000 whales including endangered whales are being killed every year.

Please act now and be creative with your efforts - contact anyone you know OR DON'T KNOW in the US and Japan.

Here are more email writing actions you can take to help for Whales around the World!!

Email the Japanese Government

Sea Shepard