07 March 2006

Bubbles - The Last Katrina Survivor

Per Colleen & Gary at Peace, Love, & Pets

We'd like to introduce you to Bubbles.. the last dog found ALIVE in a home in New Orleans. 7 and half weeks AFTER Katrina hit, she was found barely alive in her home, nestled and starving in her bathtub. Hence, the name Bubbles.

Bubbles was saved by Animal Rescue New Orleans and restored back to 'bubbly" health over the past 4 months by the amazing staff at Southern Animal Foundation. She then made the cross country flight to California, went on a fun and fabulous press tour in LA, took a wonderful road trip up to San Francisco with Gary (PLP), and now is in foster care through Planet Pooch and PLP. She is an AMAZING DOG, very well trained, great around people and other dogs, but not-so-great around kitties. We are not yet ready to start her adoption process.