17 October 2006

Submit comments to the U.S. Department of Agriculture in response to the IDAUSA petition seeking enforcement action and confiscation of elephants

Please write to the USDA (instructions below) and let them know, for example, that elephants need more space! They are the largest land mammals on earth and they are kept in tiny enclosures for decades on end which become the host for arthritis and foot disease. You can also mention t’s just not right for bullhooks to be used with elephants at all. Often they are used to beat elephants into submission or remind them as to what will happen if they do not obey commands. You can also mention how wrong it is for elephants to live on chains. When circus elephants aren’t performing, they are chained down, for example. Elephants in zoos and circuses have been chained AND beaten at the same time in some cases, sometimes on baby elephants! The AZA and circus industry are closely tied and will be sending in a barrage of comments defending the status quo. Please go to the following link to learn more about problems with elephants in AZA facilities:http://www.helpelephants.com/aza.html
To Do:***PLEASE SEND IN YOUR COMMENTS!*** THE USDA MUST RECEIVE THEM BEFORE NOVEMBER 9, 2006. The information relevant to this petition as well as where to send your comments is listed in the following link. An alternative electronic method is available and included in this alert as well:www.helpelephants.com/petitionWe thank you for what you have done and continue to to help elephants and other animals. The time is now however to help elephants by writing and submitting your comments to the USDA before November 9.