03 January 2007

Help protect whales from deadly sonar blasts (NRDC Letter)

>From: "NRDC - Frances Beinecke" <members@nrdcaction.org>
>Reply-To: notice-reply-wgi5b6742j7twdj@nrdconline.org
>Subject: Help protect whales from deadly sonar blasts
>Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007
>Dear California NRDC Member,
>We won the first round in our local fight against deadly sonar.
>But round two starts today -- and we really need you to make
>your voice heard!
>Last month, NRDC Members and activists sent thousands of
>messages urging the California Coastal Commission to require the
>U.S. Navy to protect whales and other marine life from lethal
>sonar during training exercises.
>As a result, the commission unanimously REFUSED to approve the
>Navy's plan to blast California's coastlines with ear-splitting
>sonar -- since the Navy had failed to commit to life-saving
>precautions. That's terrific news.
>But the fight isn't over! On January 10, the commission will
>again review the Navy's sonar application and Californians like
>you must ensure that the agency upholds its commitment to
>protect the state's coastal waters.
>Please go to
>right now and tell the commission to demand that the Navy
>implement key safety measures to protect whales during sonar
>Whales around the world have been found dead or dying after
>being blasted with mid-frequency military sonar. The Navy itself
>has conceded the lethal impacts of this technology, but it has
>not taken the common-sense steps necessary to protect whales and
>other marine life.
>For example, the Navy should stay out of the Channel Islands
>National Marine Sanctuary and other important whale habitat;
>power down its sonar during night-time exercises or in other
>conditions of low visibility; and enforce adequate "safety
>zones" around sonar vessels.
>Please go to
>and demand that the coastal commission refuse to approve the
>Navy's sonar application without the addition of specific,
>life-saving protections.
>Thank you for helping to defend marine mammals.
>Frances Beinecke
>Natural Resources Defense Council