24 March 2010

Guy Kawasaki's 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs at Swagapalooza San Francisco March 23, 2010

By Mary Vincent - Follow on Twitter @MaryVincent
I attended Swagapalooza San Francisco where Guy Kawasaki Keynoted and the following companies presented:

Guy Kawasaki's 10 Tips for Tech Entrepreneurs are below along with the video.
1. Build Something You Would Use
2. Start Prototyping
3. 10.20.30 Rule of Pitching (10 slides in 20 minutes with 30 point font
4. Take Your Most Conservative Forecast..Add One Year To It, and Divide by 100
5. Never Hire Relatives
6. Assume you have Zero Dollars to Market Your Product
7. Consider VC Capital 'Cocaine'. Avoid it, and take it as late as possible...Show up with a Business that's already scaling.
8. Sales fixes everything.
9. 90% of Partnerships are 90% BS
10. Learn to deal with Naysayers