10 December 2010

Video: Climate Change & Bill Clinton's Speech at Dreamforce San Francisco, December 2010

By Mary Vincent - Follow on Twitter @MaryVincent
You must watch this Bill Clinton Video from Salesforce's Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco December 8, 2010.

Stevie Wonder introduced Bill Clinton, and Bill Clinton covered a wide variety of topics from WikiLeaks to Education to Climate Change. Here are his thoughts on Climate Change, and I highly recommend you view the full video of his speech below.

Bill Clinton:
"..It's an unsustainable world because of the way we produce and consume energy. As far as I know, in the last election, we elected an enormous number of people who don't believe in climate change. They just say that in spite of the evidence, it's just not a problem. But thankfully, we appear to be the only country on Earth willing to give a congressional majority to people who deny it, so most people still think it's a problem.
However, the bigger problem is that even people who accept the reality that the climate is warming at an unsustainable rate, which will be fun for a while when you're going to be able to cross the North Pole by ship in the Summertime, will not be fun if all the ice melts on Greenland which has 8 percent of the World's fresh water and flows into the North Atlantic if it interrupts the Gulf Stream. Then you'll have Northern Europe including some of the World's most productive economies as cold in the Winter as they were in the Ice Age years ago, and therefore, they'll find it difficult to sustain what they're doing. Otherwise, most of the countries hardest hit by Climate Change save Australia which is already dealing with it will be poor countries including Afghanistan and Haiti and sub-saharan Africa. We have to find an economically viable way to deal with this."

You can view the full video here (a better quality video I took with another camera includes Stevie Wonder's 'Opening Act', and will be uploaded here asap so check back soon):