05 April 2011

April 9 Berkeley Stanford Cleantech Conference

By Mary Vincent - Twitter @MaryVincent
The 7th Berkeley-Stanford Cleantech Conference 
Sputnik 2.0 The Pursuit of Green Jobs in China and the U.S. is taking place April 9th, 2011 at PG&E Headquarters, San Francisco. Steven Chu, United States Secretary of Energy is Keynoting, and more information is herehttp://bscleantech.org/bscc7/ 
in addition to this event Synopsis:
The original Sputnik galvanized the world into action. Today, creating jobs in the low-carbon economy is an enormous challenge that requires technological innovation, robust capital markets, and supportive government policies. President Obama has said the U.S. is at risk of another Sputnik moment. The 7th Berkeley-Stanford Cleantech Conference will explore how China and the U.S. will collectively (and competitively) create green jobs from perspectives of policy, business, and technology. Tickets include access to the BSC Launchpad Showcase and Business Plan Competition on Friday, April 8th at Stanford.
**April 7 Update: U
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