19 May 2011

Markku Vieri, Director of Datacenter Services, Tieto (2011 Green Enterprise IT Award Winner)

Markku Vieri
(Photo Mary Vincent)
By Mary Vincent - Follow on Twitter @MaryVincent
, the winner of the Uptime Institute's 2011 Green Enterprise IT Award in the Beyond the Data Center category, presented their award-winning case study profiling an enterprise IT project that saves energy and focuses on Distributed Heating using Data Center Waste Heat.

Markku Vieri, Director of Datacenter Services, Tieto, presented their new data center solution focused on energy efficiency. The volume of the heat put back into the district heat network is greater than in any other similar solution.
The PUE value of the system’s energy efficiency is 1.2–1.3. The center produces 30 gigawatt hours of heat, which is the equivalent of the annual heat requirement for about 1,500 houses.

Here are some Key Points from Markku's Presentation:

Cooling & Heat
Recycling Slide

- The data centre is located in Finland's Helsinki area.
- The initial size was 1,000 square meters of data center space
- The main planning criteria of the centre was energy efficiency (the volume of heat recovered into the city's district heat network will be greater than any similar solution has ever achieved.)
- The target PUE is 1.2 - 1.3
- They purchase cold water from the power distribution company
- Heat Control is designed for high heat output
- It's an extremely co-efficient way to cool a server centre
- The first stage of the server center will produce approximately 30 gigawatt hours of heat per year, equivalent to 1500 houses heated annually
- There is a Green Operations Policy
- There is zero tolerance on hazardous substance emissions
- There are dual security containers on diesel fuel
Markku with
Cooling & Heat Recycling
- PUE as measured in site acceptance test
- SAT1 on December 14, 2010 -> 1.3 PUE
- There are no metrics for energy recycling. All heat load is recycled 24/365.

During Q&A, there was an audience question whether this Initiative was an ROI directive or was it more environmental. Markku said it was environmental, and that customers are demanding more Green IT. There were also no government incentives.

I asked Markku if their customers' environmental drivers may have been impacted by WRI and/or other mandated EU carbon reduction policies, and he wasn't aware if that was part of their customers' environmental drivers.
Congratulations Markku and Tieto on your Green Enterprise IT Award!