01 June 2011

NY Times: Water, Science and Climate Change

Here's a great NY Times article called 'Groundwater Depletion is Detected From Space' by Felicity Barringer.
Per Jay S. Famiglietti, Director of the University of California’s Center for Hydrologic Modeling, the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment, known as Grace, shows our planet’s gravitational variations and found significant groundwater depletion in places in North Africa, northern India, northeastern China and Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley California.

Here's an article excerpt:
Dr. Famiglietti says, “Look, water has been a resource that has been plentiful, but now we’ve got climate change, we’ve got population growth, we’ve got widespread groundwater contamination, we’ve got satellites showing us we are depleting some of this stuff.... I think we’ve taken it for granted, and we are probably not able to do that any more.”
Here's the full article for your reference.
How are your States and Countries addressing the issue?