16 March 2012

Women in the World Summit, Hillary Clinton, Climate Change

By Mary Vincent
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The Women in the World Summit recently took place in New York and many Women Leaders and Secretary Hillary Clinton spoke. Women in the World features many themes impacting Women, including the Environment  and Climate Change, providing examples of People and Organizations actively working on these problems.
The Women in the World Website states:
"As climate change, population growth, and urbanization march forward, women are feeling their impact in disproportionate and unforeseen ways. Deeply rooted gender inequality leaves women more vulnerable to natural disasters: when resources are scarce, women are less likely to be able to access the health care, food, or even information they need to survive.
Report from the nonprofit Plan U.K. and the British Department for International Development found that young women accounted for 80 percent of deaths from the 2004 tsunami in Asia.
Women’s workloads may soar as temperatures rise. In most developing countries, growing food and fetching water is a woman’s job. (In South Africa, women collectively walk 12.8 million kilometers every day to fetch water for their households—that’s the equivalent of walking to the moon and back 16 times per day.) As the world’s clean-water sources slowly decline, women’s quality of life will likely suffer.
Yet women’s hands-on relationship with their environment also means they have the potential to teach us about careful land and resource management. Women have unique insight into growing techniques, healing plants, and adapting to variations in weather and climate. Capitalizing on this know-how benefits everyone."
Here is a Video of Secretary Hillary Clinton speaking at the Women in the World Summit.

"We need to be as fearless as the women whose stories you have applauded..

as audacious as those who start movements for peace when all seems lost."She's a Great Leader & Inspiring...
How is your Country, Business, and Communty addressing Climate Change?