23 April 2012

May 1 - Vator Spark Get Game: Gamify your Start-Up

Clean Tech and Green Business News has featured Green and Gamification examples in several articles including last week's Gamification in Energy Reduction and in 2009's Green Software Unconference.

On May 1, Vator Spark is hosting: Get Game? How to Gamify Your Start-up, and Clean Tech and Green Business News as a Media Partner has a 15% discount code for you:
Use discount code "CTGB" at http://vatorspark.eventbrite.com

Here's a Synopsis of the event:
Gamification has ushered in new types of start-ups applying gaming mechanics to drive playful behavior that leads to predictable desired outcomes.
Vator Spark has for the first time gathered thought-leaders and investors behind these start-ups for a full-day learning event to explore how to incorporate the best practices around product design, marketing, fundraising and more.

We look forward to seeing you there!