20 March 2013

Secretary George Shultz has Solar Panels and an Electric Car (Wall Street Journal Economics 2013)

George Shultz, Chairman of the President’s Economic Policy Advisory Board (1981–82) and Secretary of State (1982–89) in the Reagan administration and Stanford University Hoover Institution Thomas W and Susan B Ford Distinguished Fellow Chair, Energy Policy Task Force Member of the Working Group on Economic Policy just commented to the Future of Clean Tech Innovation in the US Wall Street Journal ECOnomics Panel that he has solar panels on his house that power his electric car.
Five years ago, he put solar panels on his roof, and he has a chart of his monthly electricity bill before and after. By this time when adding up the savings, he not only paid for what it cost him but also the opportunity cost of the money he invested. He's driving an electric car, and the electricity used is far less than the solar panels produce. "It's free."