25 March 2013

WSJ Eco Video: Thomas Steyer on Making Climate an Immediate Issue

Credit: WSJ - Thomas Steyer
At the 2013 Wall Street Journal Economics Conference, Gerard Baker Wall Street Journal asks Thomas Steyer, co-founding director of the Center for the Next Generation:
How do you persuade people about the seriousness of climate change when jobs, housing and other issues are urgent?

He states that citizens must view climate change as a top issue before they will take action, and its a generational issue. If you talk to people under the age of 30, this is something that will significantly impact their lives unless its dealt with. He says looking out 10 or 15 years is beyond most people's interest.

Sandy didn't affect everyone - this has to affect everyone immediately. The concept of global warming overwhelms people and they don't know what to do. You have to bring it down to someone at their kitchen table and show this is really the biggest issue in the world.

He agrees with Secretary Shultz's proposal on an Insurance Policy.

See the Wall Street Journal Video on Thomas Steyer's discussion here: