15 November 2013

Video: Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook Product Development at Mobile Dev Day

Photo Credit: Mary Vincent
As a creator and co-creator of a variety of software products and services, I find great value in listening and learning from many people making creative, evolutionary and revolutionary products and services.

I attended Mobile Dev Day at Facebook this week, and Mark Zuckerberg gave us great insight on his Product Development Process in the video and steps below.

1. Listen to folks' qualitative and quantitative feedback and figure out what people want and want from us and what we're in a position to provide

2. Take that external and top-down perspective and try to couple that with bottom-up culture. Number one success criteria Mark predicts whether a project is going to work is whether there is someone at Facebook that's excited about doing it; I can't just decide we're going to do something and get feedback from the market that we should do something and pull a group of people together and alright now you're going to do that; without inspiration stuff just doesn't work very well.

3. Try to match up what people internally are very passionate about doing with what the market needs seem to be from whoever the segments of customers are, whether they're people using our services, developers, or advertisers

4. Prioritize what we think will have the biggest impact based on how well we think we can execute those things. It's a very fluid process.