30 May 2017

IoT World May 2017 Silicon Valley Recap

At IoT World Silicon Valley 2017, over 100 startups in Startup City were showcased and competed to win the highly-coveted Innovation of Things Award. Reality AI won the grand prize, with their AI software that can be embedded into hardware for real-time edge intelligence.

AI/Machine Learning
Interested in what Danny Lange VP AI Machine Learning Unity had to say? Check out our Smart Tech News video here

Fast IoT Prototyping
We also met with Breadware who just launched their debut product –– Bread™B-Line, a comprehensive platform that delivers all the capabilities needed for entrepreneurs to prototype end-to-end IoT products within a day. Bread™B-Line includes hardware, software, firmware, cloud services and mobile app development. All of these components together solve a real pain point of being able to move an idea to production and consolidating all elements into one simple product for prototyping.

Connected Vehicles and Autonomous Driving
We also met with Frans de Rooij, TomTom Automotive Director at the show. For over two decades TomTom has had access to aggregated anonymised data about how people drive on different roads, in diverse situations across multiple countries. Nvidia and TomTom are developing a mapping system for self-driving cars. Volvo selected TomTom’s HD Map to power the first phase of the Volvo Drive Me programme. Drive Me is Volvo’s groundbreaking research project into autonomous driving wherein real drivers will integrate autonomous driving into their daily lives on public roads. The first group of drivers will be recruited in Gothenburg, Sweden, with further pilot schemes organized in London, the UK and China.

We met with Gemalto a global leader in digital security and IoT technology and discussed solutions for Emerging connectivity technologies including LPWAN, 5G and MTC, IoT security including methods for securing LoRa networks, blockchain and more, Agile IoT monetization , Connected cars, smart cities and new mobility services. Check out their Global case studies and stories.