25 June 2018

Internet of Things World 2018 Case Study: Creating "The Edge", The World's Smartest Building

At Internet of Things World 2018, Erik Ubels Chief Technology Officer, OVG Real Estate presented a Case Study: Creating "The Edge", The World's Smartest Building.

As Chief Technology Officer, Erik is driving innovation and application of technology in real estate technology. This includes building process, building material, HVAC installation, Internet of Things, energy, including solar. At OVG their goal is not only for buildings to be smart as in energy efficienct, but intelligent, to learn from the building and to make it a better place to work, improving users’ comfort and wellbeing.

The Synopsis:
"It knows where you live. It knows what car you drive. It knows who you’re meeting with today and how much sugar you take in your coffee. (At least it will, after the next software update.) This is the Edge, and it’s quite possibly the smartest office space ever constructed" Bloomberg

This talk examines The Edge, in Amsterdam, as a case study in creating with world' smartest and greenest building, presented by the CTO of the developer of the building.

Pictures from his presentation are here: