26 July 2019

New Book: Secrets of Sand Hill Road

Image Credit: Penguin Random House
Are you an Entrepreneur? Are you an Investor? This book is for you. We have been both and wish we had this Wall Street Journal Best Seller when we started 'venturing' into these areas!

In Secrets of Sand Hill Road Venture Capital and How to Get It, Scott Kupor explains exactly how VCs decide where and how much to invest, and how entrepreneurs can get the best possible deal and make the most of their relationships with VCs. Kupor explains, for instance:

• Why most VCs typically invest in only one startup in a given business category.

• Why the skill you need most when raising venture capital is the ability to tell a compelling story.

• How to handle a "down round," when startups have to raise funds at a lower valuation than in the previous round.

• What to do when VCs get too entangled in the day-to-day operations of the business.

• Why you need to build relationships with potential acquirers long before you decide to sell.

Filled with Kupor's firsthand experiences, insider advice, and practical takeaways, Secrets of Sand Hill Road is the guide for every entrepreneur and investors in training :). Enjoy!