06 May 2007

Dave Douglas' EcoLive WriteUp

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Spent most of the day at Eco Live 2007. Got to spend a couple of hours with RFK Jr. this morning, then did a short speech and introduced him as the main speaker. An honor to meet him, and personally exciting to spend some time together. We had a little less than 1000 in the audience, but it was a great and very interactive crowd. Mr. Kennedy talked a lot from his latest book, but added on some great comments about the role of the wilderness in religion and the role of the environment in American history. I think both of our talks got taped somewhere, and if I find them I'll link to them here. We talked about how to use sensors and real-time websites to start to raise awareness about the changes that are happening in the environment. We both thought this might be a good fit for his work with our nation's water resources. We also got a Flex Your Power award today, which was awesome! Now at the airport for the redeye trip home - looking forward to getting there in the morning.