18 May 2007

Genesis Awards, sponsored by HSUS

In presenting the award for Feature Film, actor Esai Morales left the audience to mull a quotation that is attributed to different people – but still words that summed up the mood of this evening of activism and celebration:

"Kindness is the only rent we pay for our room here on Earth."

The 21st Genesis Awards recipients:
Long Photography
Bill Maher presents the Sid Caesar
Comedy Award

Outstanding Feature Film: FAST FOOD NATION - Fox Searchlight Pictures
For an uncompromising look at the link between the abuse and exploitation of people and animals in a slaughterhouse.

Outstanding Family Feature Film: CHARLOTTE'S WEB - Paramount Pictures/Walden Media
For a charming adaptation of a timeless tale about friendship, loyalty and respect for all living creatures

Outstanding Family Feature - Animated: HAPPY FEET - Warner Bros. Pictures
For a delightful tale about an outcast penguin who saves himself from the misery of zoo confinement and his community from the threat of human over-fishing

Sid Caesar Comedy Award: THE SIMPSONS Million Dollar Abie - Fox
For attempting to take the "bull" out of the so-called bravery of bullfighting.

Outstanding Dramatic Series: BONES The Woman in Limbo - Fox
For a stark and dramatic demonstration of the methods used in slaughtering farm animals.

Outstanding Children's Programming: AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER Appa's Lost Days - Nickelodeon
For a mythical tale about animals held captive for human entertainment that resonates with the way animals are used in circuses today.
Long Photography
Presenter Pauley Perrette with Awardee
Brad Woodard

Outstanding TV Talk Show: LARRY KING LIVE - CNN
For an in-depth examination of the brutal cruelty of the Canadian seal hunt.

Outstanding TV Newsmagazine: CBS NEWS 60 MINUTES The Orphanage, Shooting Tigers, Global Warning!
For spotlighting the plight of polar bears threatened by global warming, the fragility of baby African elephants orphaned by ivory poachers, and tigers teetering on the brink of extinction in India.

Outstanding Reality Programming: EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION The DeAeth Family - ABC
For an exceptional makeover, transforming both a family's home and their adjoining animal shelter, and providing a compassionate look at the needs of animals.

Outstanding National News: CBS EVENING NEWS The Brown Bears of McNeil River, Alaska
For a two-part report exposing the threat to Alaskan brown bears, whose habituation to humans made plans to open their sanctuary to hunters particularly shameful.

Outstanding Cable Documentary: DEALING DOGS - HBO
For a no-holds-barred exposé of the abject cruelty of a licensed Class B dog dealer who was subsequently prosecuted in one of the most notorious cases of animal cruelty in recent years.

Outstanding PBS Documentary: CHIMPANZEES: AN UNNATURAL HISTORY - Nature
For a poignant study of how the space programs of the 60s, medical research and life in entertainment have adversely impacted the lives of chimpanzees, man's closest living relative.

Outstanding Local News Feature: WFOR-CBS4 NEWS (Miami) Multiple Segments
For a prodigious output of intrepid reports spanning a diverse range of urgent topics from the Canadian seal hunt to turkey farm cruelty to foie gras, and pets in condos.

Outstanding Local News Series: KHOU-TV (Houston) From Stable to Table: America's Dirty Little Secret
For exploring the controversial horse slaughter issue, including the distressing effects on people living close to a Texas slaughterhouse.

Outstanding Local Newsmagazine: LIFE & TIMES Animal Cops - KCET-TV
For an in-depth examination of the different forms of everyday abuse that have necessitated the formation of L.A.P.D's new animal cruelty task force.

Brigitte Bardot International - TV/Film: 50/50 Hunters Becomes Hunted - SABC2 (South Africa)
For chronicling the work of the Sea Shepherd team in its brave attempts to stop Japanese whalers from killing the ocean's gentle giants in the waters of Antarctica.

Brigitte Bardot International - Print: SOUTH ASIA (Pakistan) multiple segments
For condemning mass livestock shipments to slaughterhouses in the Middle East and the inhumane methods used to kill the animals

Outstanding Written Word: ROLLING STONE Boss Hog
For an in-depth and alarming look at the inhumane conditions endured by pigs in factory farms and the disturbing evidence of the human health and environmental fall-out from these industrial operations

For his enduring commitment to being a compassionate and powerful voice of the animals.