22 March 2009

Link Water, Energy and Climate in Global Talks, Business Urges

The WBCSD's Water Project brings together more than 60 companies from mining and metals, oil and gas, consumer products, food and beverages, infrastructure services and equipment sectors. The broad representation reflects the knowledge that all businesses will face water challenges in the years ahead.

The paper lists five important policy recommendations from business to climate negotiators and policy-makers. These are:

  • Provide reliable climate change risk data, models and analysis tools.
  • Integrate water and energy efficiency in measurement tools and policy.
  • Bring water issues into the mainstream, and ensure that water authorities and institutions have staff trained to deliver common management practices, education and awareness raising.
  • Integrate and value ecosystem services (the benefits that nature provides to society, such as water and forest products) into cross-border decision-making.
  • Encourage best practice through innovation, appropriate solutions and community engagement.

It also includes 25 case studies showing how business is already linking water, energy and climate across their operations.