14 March 2012

REMINDER To Business and Political Leaders: Giving Tree By Shel Silverstein

Do You Remember the Book: The Giving Tree by Shel SilversteinIt's a Message Everyone needs to remember at all times, including Business and Political Leaders planning and making Commitments for the upcoming Rio+20 Conference and your future business and political planning and operations.
Shel Silverstein tells the story of love between a boy and a tree. From the time the boy is young and needs shade as he plays to growing up and being allowed to climb in her branches to the time when he is older and wants something that may mean the end of the tree, the tree keeps on giving to him- out of love.
Even when the boy is an old man and long after the tree has been cut down, what is left of the tree is still giving. The old man now uses the stump of the tree to rest on....

In looking at our Earth, What Does the Tree (aka Earth and Oceans) Look Like Now? 

Here's a Movie of the Giving Tree Book Spoken by Shel Silverstein.
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