19 April 2012

Video: Technology for Good in Environment and Health, Bhutan and Nepal Visit by GHRF.org

I have mentioned to Erica Weirich MD, Director, Global Health Research Foundation www.ghrf.org and Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine, that she will win a Nobel Prize someday.
In this video, you will see her recent visit to Bhutan and Nepal
sharing the 'Patient Outcomes and Environmental Monitoring System', a community-based program bringing straightforward and culturally appropriate mobile technology tools to Ranger and Health partners in Nepal and Bhutan. This project is a collaborative effort - Global Health Research Foundation is providing tools, World Wildlife Fund and the Ministries of Health and Agriculture, as well as the community providers, are providing infrastructure and oversight. There is a description of how pesticides affect mosquitos, frogs, small animals, and the few remaining tigers as well as cost-saving examples of using these mobile technologies.

In Nepal, even though there is significant deforestation, the villages are committed to keeping their Valley Poacher-Free. There are only 3,200 Tigers left in the wild (there are more Tigers in captivity then in the wild today). The Government has taken a creative measure by paying Poachers more as a Tour Guide using their tracking skills, then what they would be making as Poachers.  Mobile devices are also being used to alert people if there are Poachers in the area.

There's a Women's Foot Patrol Group w
hose sole purpose is to keep their sacred wildlife alive. Per the Video: " It's so important for people to see how interconnected Health and the Environment really are: that's what our purpose here was. In Nepal we saw not only the best of Nature, but of Human Nature as well. When people take care of Nature, Nature takes care of them."
I was lucky to visit Nepal in 1999, including Chitwan National Forest where we saw protected Rhinos and learned more about the Tigers' plight due to poaching. 

Enjoy this Powerful Video produced by 19-year old Madeleine Traver.