21 November 2012

NEW: The Art of the Data Center by Douglas Alger

I've been a fan of Douglas Alger's work since I read his 2009 book: Grow a Greener Data Center.
Throughout the years I've recommended many of Douglas' Green Data Center perspectives, advice and of course his book to other IT professionals.

Douglas now has a new book called The Art of the Data Center, featuring 18 global data centers and interviews with their managers, and I highly recommend it.

Many data centers as we know have been introducing energy-conserving methods from the most common consolidation and virtualization strategies to software and database architecture strategies.

The Art of the Data Center doesn't go into Green IT-only specifics, but they're mentioned if they're in place. I was impressed with Affordable Internet Services Online's (AISO) Romoland, California Data Center which uses Solar Power as its Primary Power Source!
Its air conditioners use atmospheric energy processes to produce cold air, and there is even solar tube lighting and a rainwater collection system.
Specs also include:
Time to Design and Build: 6 months
Size: 2,000 sq feet
Power Capacity: 110 kW from onsite solar array
Tier: III
Cabinet Locations: 15
Infrastructure Delivery: Power, cooling and cabling infrastructure provided overhead

I was also impressed with the Bahnhof Data Center in Stockholm Sweden housed in a former nuclear bunker which features greenhouses and waterfalls!

I highly recommend you read The Art of the Data Center, and please comment on this blog post with your thoughts.