06 February 2013

Steven Chu Time Interview & Innocent World Citizens

AAAS: Alaska
Today, Al Gore published a blog post featuring Steven Chu's Time interview quote:

“Ultimately we have a moral responsibility to the most innocent victims of adverse climate change. Those who will suffer the most are the people who are the most innocent: the world’s poorest citizens and those yet to be born. There is an ancient Native American saying: “We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” A few short decades later, we don’t want our children to ask, “What were our parents thinking? Didn’t they care about us?”

This reminds me of many conferences, conversations with folks concerned about climate change, and people I know in countries who are severely impacted by climate change even though they did not have any significant part in emitting greenhouse gas emissions, i.e. Bhutan.

Even in the United States, innocent citizens and communities have been suffering.
While still at Sun Microsystems, I attended the 2007 AAAS San Francisco conference, and this AAAS Video featuring Alaskan Citizens already suffering, and seeing these Alaskan people sitting in front of me in the front row at the conference impacted me in such a way that I realized I needed to try to address this, and I left Sun in May 2008 to start Green Star Solution and Gratitude Gourmet, and here is the 1st Gratitude Gourmet Article discussing this AAAS Conference called Climate Change, Health, and Ethics.

Here's the 2007 AAAS Video Link which I recommend you watch and share: