26 May 2016

Video: Ken Finnegan IoT Lead for IDA Ireland - IoT World

Smart Tech News recently sat down with Ken Finnegan, R&D Advisor & IoT Lead for IDA Ireland, the entity within the Irish Government responsible for direct foreign investment, at IoT World Silicon Valley 2016 to learn about the latest IoT Initiatives occurring in Ireland.
Watch the brief video here to learn more about the initiatives including an Internet of Bees (IoB) Project on the roof of Dell's Building to help understand the plight of bees in the world.

Examples of IoT-based technologies which have been implemented throughout Dublin include

1. Croke Park Smart Stadium:
Croke Park has a capacity of 82,300, making it the third largest stadium in Europe and it is the test bed for some of the most cutting edge Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and is wired up with multiple connected devices including sensors and cameras that collect data from special events. The analysis of this data helps Croke Park build new services, and better customer experiences. Croke Park has partnered with Intel, DCU, Sun Devil Stadium and Arizona State University to deploy pilot IoT technologies, mostly involving fan experience and crowd behavior.

Pilot IoT Projects at Croke Park include:
• Pitch monitoring: 7 million images and 970 Gb of light exposure and moisture have been generated through sensors and outdoor IP cameras to provide datasets for pitch automation, management, and maintenance.

• Flood management: rain gauges, weather stations, sewer sensing, sewer watt level sensing, and water tank sensing have all been installed in the Croke Park area to forecast and detect flooding risks.

• Crowd management: use of calculated crowd motion patterns to provide collectiveness, conflict and stability indexes for forecasting transportation flows, identifying congestion patterns during events as well as describing and detecting abnormal collective behavior.

• Athlete performance monitoring: wearable sensing RFID tags in the athletes’ sports clothes produce real time performance statistics during matches.

2. Smart City ChallengeKeeping Our City Streets Clean’:
A critical role of the city council is street cleaning and managing waste across busy city center areas. There is a network of over 3,500 street bins which are manually emptied on a regular basis. This street cleaning service is critical to maintaining a clean and litter-free city. There has been an increasing trend of successful deployment of smart bin technologies in cities that incorporate features such as:
• Sensors that communicate back to the street cleaners when they are full
• Use of accompanying software that allow for optimization of routes for cleaning schedules
• Use of software applications which deliver real time data information (through a web portal or Smartphone) on each bin status, their inventory management and other efficiency related data.
Smart Bins are solar powered, wifi enabled bins that are being installed in towns, villages and residential areas across the country to replace traditional public litter bins.
There are currently 401 Smart Bins installed in the southCounty area. The project is managed by the County Council by the Environment Department with the purpose to improve the efficiency of waste management.
More on Dublin:
Dublin City Corporation are planning to make this part of the city the most ‘densely sensored’ urban area in the world - producing lots of data that will be accessible by companies, government, academia and citizens. We anticipate that this is going to be a very powerful demonstration of Ireland’s capabilities to design and develop the sensors, connect them over multiple transmission types and finally with one of Europe’s largest data analytics research centres here, uncover, discover and predict value.
  • Central to the smart city goals is also to ensure that the infrastructure in place, the LORA (Low Powered Radio) transmission standards are currently being rolled out across the entire Island. This is funded by Science Foundation Ireland and coordinated by the CONNECT Research centre and allows companies to conduct robust due diligence into what transmission standard works for them.  Companies can also access and rent the live radio spectrum, access the Sigfox network and lots more infrastructure; the building blocks are in place for technical solutions.

Beyond smart cities - other innovations being worked within IoT in Ireland include:
  • Intel’s Quark chip and Galileo board.
  • Movidius’s vision processing chip that will be used in all google mobile devices.
  • Robust and flexible transmissions options for companies to access and trial (LORA, SIGFOX, NIBOT, 3G, 4G, M2M etc)
  • One of Europe’s largest data analytics research centre (Insight)
  • Organizations like Accenture, SAP, HP, IBM have established global centres of excellence in data analytics 
  • More stories are here: http://smartdublin.ie/smart-stories/