24 February 2018

New Book: Radical Matter Rethinking Materials for a Sustainable Future

A table made of dust. Hair turned into ink. Cow dung made into tiles. Rejecting old assumptions and revitalizing the principles of sustainable production, RADICAL MATTER (Thames & Hudson, April 17, 2018) reimagines material and process to provide the manifesto for a revolution in material innovation.

“Up to now, we have relied on a supply of natural raw materials that we transport to large factories and turn into products. We are running out of raw materials and creating enormous quantities of waste,” write authors and co-founders of FranklinTill Studio Kate Franklin and Caroline Till. “We are potentially on the brink of a materials revolution that could help rebalance our relationship with our planet … Thanks to a raft of exciting designers and makers who are fostering disruptive approaches, we are beginning to see that alternative systems of production are possible—and we are recognizing that material innovation will be crucial to achieving this.”

RADICAL MATTER celebrates the designer and maker as an agent for radical change, disrupting the way we design, make, and consume through material innovation. Framed by eight “Big Ideas”—from living materials to digital fabrication and domestic waste—with more than sixty fully illustrated case studies, and featuring testimonies from global industry experts, this is an essential introduction to the cutting edge of design for a sustainable future.