17 November 2013

Al Gore Chicago Climate Leadership Training and Next Steps

Al Gore & Chicago Climate Leaders
Mary Vincent & Al Gore
I'm very grateful to have attended Al Gore's Chicago July 2013 Climate Reality Leadership Training. I highly recommend you try to apply for a future training, and the next one is in South Africa March 2014.

A video clip from his closing presentation is below. A few quotes include: "This is our home; it is in danger. You are the key to making that change! We have everything we need; we need to inspire political will and political will is a renewable resource".

As many of you know I've been applying my knowledge in tech to the climate challenge since May 2008 by starting out in Green IT/Data Center Energy Efficiency, co-creating a Facebook app called Green Facts, experimenting with a variety of online green stores, leveraging Blogs such as Smart Tech News and other digital media platforms to feature inspiring business, technology and entrepreneurial use cases, and creating Gratitude Gourmet to address Food, Climate and Health Issues.

Due to my global mobile health application work, I was recently asked to co-lecture at the Stanford School of Medicine to Global Health for Residents & Physicians For Social Responsibility classes, and in addition to talking about mobile health application development, I introduced 2 slides on Health & Climate Change, inspired by New Brunswick, Canada's Public Health Nurse, Marg Milburn's Health & Climate Change presentation at the Chicago Climate Reality Training. Examples include increased asthma, and heat, cold, and flood related mortality cases.

Here's the Closing Video Clip from Al Gore. How are you addressing climate change?